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    ICPCS 2015 : XIII International Conference on Postal and Courier Services Read more

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    Brussels, November 2015 – FFPI welcomes the publication of the long-awaited Implementation Report of the Third Postal Directive. The FFPI disagrees with the conclusion of the Report that “market opening with fair conditions of competition” has “broadly been achieved”. Read more

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“The benefits of electronic commerce will ... not be fully released tif the EU’s postal services - at the heart of the business and home delivery in Europe - are not top class”. European Commission, May 2000. The Green paper on cross-border delivery will be published shortly in October 2012. Read more
FFPI Contribution to the Consultation on the ERGP Report on the implementation of the Universal Service in the postal sector in view of the market developments

The Free and Fair Post Initiative (FFPI) very much welcomes the decision of the European Postal Regulators Group (ERGP) to include in its work programme for 2014 a reflection on the implementation of the Universal Service Obligation (USO) in the postal sector in view of the market developments. Read more.

The postal service is  important for you weather you are a consumer, a user, an entrepreneur, etc... This is why you should get involved in the current discussion on free and fair post. The FFPI will ensure that your concerns in the postal debate will be addressed at the adequate level. Read more FFPI Contribution to DG TAXUD Consultation - 25 April 2014